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Substrate Information
Inhibitor Information
Clinical Drug-drug Interactions

In Vitro Substrates

No substrate information.

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In Vitro Inhibitors

* denotes drugs that can potentially be used for in vivo (clinical) studies of the designated transporter
Transporter Synonyms Inhibitor IC50 (μM) Ki (μM) Substrate used Cell System Reference
SLC15A1 PEPT1 Losartan 52 Glycylsarcosine HeLa-PEPT1 Knutter, 2009
SLC15A1 PEPT1 Losartan 24 Glycylsarcosine Caco-2 Knutter, 2009
SLC15A2 PEPT2 Losartan 2.4 Glycylsarcosine HeLa-PEPT2 Knutter, 2009
ABCC4 MRP4 Losartan 1.5 Uric acid MRP4-expressing Sf9 vesicles Sato, 2008
SLC22A11 OAT4 Losartan 18 Uric acid HEK293-OAT4 Sato, 2008
SLC22A12 URAT1 Losartan 570.5 Uric acid HEK293-URAT1 Uetake, 2010
SLC22A12 URAT1 Losartan 0.0077 Uric acid URAT1-expressing oocytes Iwanaga, 2007
SLC22A6 OAT1 Losartan 12 Uric acid HEK293-OAT1 Sato, 2008
SLC22A8 OAT3 Losartan 1.6 Uric acid HEK293-OAT3 Sato, 2008

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Clinical Drug-Drug Interactions

No drug-drug interaction information.

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