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Welcome to the new UCSF-FDA TransPortal + UCSD/UCD-NIEHS TICBase site
Xenobiotic transporters (XT) are responsible for the uptake and efflux of drugs, chemical carcinogens and environmental toxins across the plasma membrane of cells. Efflux pumps in the ATP Binding Cassette family (ABC) are highly expressed in the intestine, liver, and kidney of both vertebrates and invertebrates, and play major roles in protection of organisms from environmental chemicals. Transporters in the Solute Carrier Superfamily (SLC) work together with ABC transporters to facilitate the transport of solutes across membranes in different tissues.

The new UCSF-FDA TransPortal + UCSD/UCD-NIEHS TICBase is a standardized and publicly accessible website for archiving and disseminating information on mammalian transporter interactions with xenobiotics, including pharmaceuticals and environmental chemicals. Manually curated in vitro and clinical pharmacokinetic data are represented in the database along with references. The database was originally funded through a grant to K. Giacomini at the University of California San Francisco from the Critical Paths Initiative at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and expanded through a supplement to an award from the National Institutes of Environmental Health and Safety (NIEHS) to Drs. Amro Hamdoun, Kathy Giacomini and Sascha Nicklisch (NIH ES030318). We would like to acknowledge the students, postdocs and research staff who helped curate the information in the database in 2020.

3d structure of human ABCB1 with vincristine 3d structure of mouse ABCB1a with BDE-100
Human ABCB1 with vincristine Mouse ABCB1a with BDE-100
The animated 3D structures of human ABCB1 in complex with vincristine (PDB ID: 7A69) and mouse Abcb1a with BDE-100 (PBD ID: 4XWK) were created by Angela M. Encerrado of the Nicklisch Lab using ChimeraX (v 1.3). The ChimeraX software was developed by the UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics (RVBI) and is free for academic use.

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Citing information:
If you use any information from this website, please cite the following publication:
Morrissey KM, Wen CC, Johns SJ, Zhang L, Huang SM, Giacomini KM, "The UCSF-FDA TransPortal: A Public Drug Transporter Database", Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2012) 92(5):545-6.

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