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Substrate Information
Inhibitor Information
Clinical Drug-drug Interactions

In Vitro Substrates

No substrate information.

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In Vitro Inhibitors

No inhibitor information.

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Clinical Drug-Drug Interactions

DDI Implicated Transporter* Interacting Drug Affected Drug AUC Cmax CLR CL/F t1/2 Effect on PD Reference More Details
Clinical PK Impact(fold change)
1 OCTs/MATEs Isavuconazole Metformin 1.52 1.22 ND 0.66 1.14 ND Yamazaki, 2017 DDI 1
2 OATs/BCRP Isavuconazole Methotrexate 0.97 0.89 ND ND ND ND Yamazaki, 2017 DDI 2

PK = pharmacokinetic
The transporters are implicated by in vitro data and/or studies in humans with genetic polymorphisms of the transporter
DDI = Drug Drug Interaction
PD = pharmacodynamic
ND = not determined
NS = not significant
N/A = information not available
Calculation of Fold Change: fold change in the presence of the interacting drug = (value with interacting drug)/(value without interacting drug)
fold change > 1: increase in pharmacokinetic value
fold change < 1: decrease in pharmacokinetic value

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